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The Relevance Of Traditional Catering Services In Jaipur

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The relevance of traditional Catering services in Jaipur

The Relevance Of Traditional Catering Services In Jaipur

In the last ten years, India has witnessed the growth of many businesses that have improved the lifestyles of the masses. Be it a small-town market or a market of the metro cities, all have seen the growth of these businesses. The newly developed businesses transformed the Indian market. The Indian market in the present scenario has become a hub for all enthusiasts who have an idea and who want to serve the people. 

Rajasthan-the land of the kings is well known for their lavish lifestyles. Whenever we talk about Rajasthan, we cannot ignore their hospitality and food. With an expansion in the market, the flavor of Rajasthan has crossed all boundaries and reached many distant places. The catering services in Jaipur have played a significant role in popularising the various flavors of Rajasthan to multiple parts of the nation and also abroad.

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The Rajasthani cuisine is very popular for its usage of various spices that are used directly used in the food. The dry conditions of the state greatly influence cuisine. So generally, the foods of this cuisine are long-lasting. This creates a uniqueness in the Rajasthani food. Everyone wishes to see the royal glitter in his/her event once in life. This wish of people gave birth to numerous event planners in Rajasthan. They are the ones who plan everything related to the event-be it decoration or food. They take care of everything so that the event becomes memorable. Many of them have collaborated with catering services in Jaipur so that they can present the Royal taste to their guests.

Wedding themes

Exploring Wedding Themes is the new fashion among the event planners. The impact of Bollywood is clearly having an effect on the common man’s wedding. As it is, Indian weddings were always full of vibrancy. Lavishness was part and parcel of wedding ceremonies and which exhibited the desires of the families who wanted a dream wedding for the young couples. As the young generations are who are going for love cum arranged marriage, their wedding styles and celebrations are getting more and more influenced by the film industry. They are not afraid to be bold and unconventional. While the taste of tradition remains untouched, the other ceremonies and celebrations are getting creative. 

Old is gold

There are many Catering services in Jaipur, which are more than 60 years old and have maintained their food standards until today. They believe that any change in the catering would mean disrespecting the work. They still prefer using the same methods of cooking that have been used for the last 60 years. Many of them still use wood for cooking the food. They say that the burning wood provides a different kind of aroma to the food. They have an ever try to experiment with their cooking. They believe that experimentation may make the goddess unhappy and the food taste won’t remain the same. The catering services have given new birth to the Rajasthani culture, which was earlier confined only to Rajasthan. 

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