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Top 5 Tips To Plan A Fashion Show Like A Pro

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Top 5 Tips to Plan a Fashion Show like a PRO

Top 5 Tips To Plan A Fashion Show Like A Pro

Top 5 Tips to Plan a Fashion Show like a PRO

Suppose you enter a room and see bright lights all around with acrobats hanging from the ceiling and great management for delicious food. And if you are wowed, then congrats! The event management done is great.

Every new day, the fashion statements are changing so not only fashion designers need to update themselves with the cutting edge technology but also the fashion event planners such as Event Planners in Jaipur need to do something unique and audience-catching. If you are new in the industry and have started planning a fashion show, then we have some creative and 100% working tips for you. Let’s get started.

Create an Engaging Atmosphere

Creating an engaging atmosphere in your event is the key to the successful execution of that event. Right. The setup should be impeccable so that the attendees get engaged to your event. First of all, the venue should go well with the theme of the event which is very important. Also, you can use various coloured and bright lights in the program which is highly engaging to see.

Select the Models Carefully

Choose your models wisely. This is one of the biggest factors that can break or make a fashion event. Always remember that a good looking face is not the only necessary thing but a good and attractive body and personality matter a lot too. Choose an attractive face but watch out for an engaging body type. Whether it’s man or woman, you model should be the stealer of the show.

Use Advanced Technology

Make sure that while the fashion event is going on, both sides of the runway is installed with huge LCD screens in which the models’ catwalk and dresses are clearly visible. Though your audience will sit next to the runway on which catwalk is to be done by the models, a big and clear screen help the viewer to get a close look at the models and have a clean discussion.

Do a Lot of Practice

Practice, practice, and practice. Yes, this is what you need to do days before the original day comes. Make your models practice, wearing full dresses on the ramp. This will help you in further planning the additions or omissions that need to be done on the final day.

Encourage Your Guests

It’s highly important to make your guests happy and energetic all the time. You can distribute them goodie bags with samples of hair and makeup products, serving cocktails, and finger foods before or after the show. This way, you can make sure that all the guests are up, motivated, and ready to share their opinions.

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